Power BI Consulting

  • Manage your data

  • Optimize it.

  • Derive Insight.

  • Take actions.


Keep Compelling Dashboard 

Creating a scoreboard helps your team to manage your day to day lead and lag measures. Today , Dashboards and reports are important as much as any software solution.

Image by Stephen Dawson


Data visualization keeps your team excited  and boosts your organization results. Microsoft Power BI helps organizations to enter the Business intelligence world with the most powerful and cost effective solutions.

Acquire & Wrangle Data


Power BI reads data from different sources. (Excel, SQL, Oracle, CRM, Accounting package) , Wrangle data to consume it by users.Our Data Analyst team will assist you business to dig behind the data and adapt technology to meet with strategy.

Power BI Solutions

  • Consolidated Franchise Sales 

  • Sales Reports (Comparison/Time Series)

  • Inventory Reports

  • Budget Reports

  • Financial Standard Reports

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Project Tracking

Retail Sales Analysis

  • Sales performance

    • Store/Channel

    • Country/State/State

    • Product /Category/Subcategory

  • Product Performance

    • ABC Classification​